Our 2017 cohort posing in front of Googleplex, Mountain View, CA.

Our 2017 cohort posing in front of Googleplex, Mountain View, CA.


Destined for X empowers students by developing their skills in entrepreneurship, STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts, and math), business, and community service.

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Every summer, Destined for X brings a handful of high school and college students from throughout California to Silicon Valley for a transformative week-long experience. During this program, they tour top tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Tesla; speak with executives and tech professionals who share their own inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles and adversity; implement key skills such as networking and developing their professional brand; and develop a plan for paying it forward to their own communities.


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All individuals, regardless of background, experience hardships and challenges. With the right mindset, however, it is precisely these challenging circumstances that can build the resilience and grit that is the foundation for successful entrepreneurs. During the trip, students will learn from the challenges and successes of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. They will then apply those learnings to self-directed projects aimed at improving their home communities.



The future we are building depends heavily on STEM. Companies in STEM are shaking up existing industries, and even creating entirely new ones. By immersing students in a hub of technological innovation, students will gain a better understanding of what a career in STEM is like—from developing software, to manufacturing a physical product. At the same time, the Arts are crucial to ensuring the products we make are not only beautiful, but truly empower and inspire the people they're for.



Schools rarely teach students the soft skills necessary for success in the business world. Students will be taught and have the opportunity to practice critical business skills such as addressing people in a professional manner, sending thank you notes to and following up via email with professionals they meet, crafting and delivering powerful presentations, and building and maintaining a network of mentors.


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At its core, Destined for X is a way for us to give back and pay it forward. This same mission carries forward with the self-directed project that students will carry out upon their return. As part of the application process, students are asked to reflect on how they would improve their community. Once students return home, they will act on that reflection based on what they have learned during their trip.


Destined for X founder, Joshua Mendoza, pictured with mother (Hilda Mendoza) and father (Salvador Mendoza) at Stanford University.

Destined for X founder, Joshua Mendoza, pictured with mother (Hilda Mendoza) and father (Salvador Mendoza) at Stanford University.

I thank my mother and father, Hilda & Salvador Mendoza, for their lifelong support of endeavors that culminated to make Destined for X possible. As immigrants from Mexico with no formal education, they sacrificed much to provide the best for our family. This program is an extension of their values of hard work and service to others.

We hope Destined for X empowers everyone whom it touches to pay it forward and leave a legacy built upon similar values. This experience does not end when students return home, since all are welcomed into our family. Our aim is that, as part of Destined for X, you always remember…

Create your legacy and impact the world.

Go Confidently.™